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"I LOVE Track Spark and it's Goody Bag's. Each and every month, I can't wait to receive, open, install, and experience the joys of my months goodies! Keep up the great work Team!." - Marcellus Moore - Producer & Musician

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November's Goody Bag

  • Transient+ by Audio Assault
  • Connection by Audiomodern
  • Punch up your drums with a transient designer tutorial by Rich Lewis
  • More quality live drums & loops

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We record everything in our studio in Leicester (Champions 2016!) UK using professional musicians of the highest quality.
This is just one part of the goody bags of course. If you don't use loops or samples, fear not! We also provide great plugins, instruments & tutorials every month.

About Track Spark

The Track Spark team have worked in different areas of the music industries for over 13 years. From creating themes for TV & commercials to commercial songwriting, we realised that our best work was often inspired by a drum beat or a guitar lick and the juices flowed from there. We wanted to offer a service that provided high quality loops and samples for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. When we told friends and industry acquaintances about the idea, many of them showed an interest in providing products and content of theirs in our monthly download.

Our idea quickly evolved into a monthly digital goody bag of software for music producers. As well as providing loops and sample packs of our own, we wanted to introduce our members to companies and individuals developing amazing music production software and content that may not necessarily be known to the wider music making/audio engineering public. As well as recording high quality live recorded loops & samples at Track Spark HQ every month, third party developers making plugins, sample packs, VST instruments & tutorials include products of theirs in our goody bag that our members get to keep for their subscription fee of $5.99/mo.

We also offer exclusive discounts on various products from the partners we're working with in that particular month. That means huge savings on plugins, sample packs, music production courses, vst instruments & loops.

You can try our service for free by joining our 1 month free trial and you can cancel at any time. There's nothing to lose! =)