Stylephone VST instrument by Xtant Audio - Track Spark's goody bags
in     by Track Spark 03-03-2016

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Xtant Audio gave us their VST instrument Stylephone for our February 2016 goody bag. The original electronic organ of 1968 brought into the modern realm of virtual instruments. The Stylephone is a sample based Kontakt instrument that enhances the playability of the original Stylophone. Some of the features include: increased key range to 3 octaves, polyphonic playing, legato scripting, round robin, chorus effect, variable vibrato, release triggers, key tap samples, and filters. This library is a great companion to our Enigma percussion libraries.

Xtant Audio is an award winning music software developer based in England and specialising in the production of sample libraries for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler. They aim to produce sample libraries that work and sound good straight out of the (virtual) box. Their instruments are playable without the need to carefully tweak hundreds of parameters. We believe in detailed sampling, efficient scripting, and high playability allowing you to spend less time setting up the instruments and more time using them.