'The Bell From Shelf' by Atom Hub - Track Spark's goody bags
in     by Track Spark 03-03-2016

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Atom Hub included 'The Bell From Shelf' in our January 2016 goody bag. A 0,5 Kg weighting copper (brass) bell with few holes in it and also some short wire on top - to hold it that way, or to hang it somewhere. It was on Atom Hub owner Martin’s shelf for a long time until he realised it was a sound that should be used somehow. He sampled it, knocking on it, ringing and tolling with it holding it hanging on its short oxidized wire.

Atom Hub is dedicated to experimental sample libraries and sound design. You’ll find sounds of strange beautiful things Martin’s found, or places he’s been to. Sounds and recordings of fine quality with a soul and unique atmosphere captured often in their own environment, right on the spot, or heavily effected and transformed into something completely different.