I always look forward to the Track Spark goody bagvery usable sounds/loops and some great plugins for less than a latte–can't beat it.
Jimmy Deer - Creative Director at Deluxe Noise Music

Track Spark has introduced me to products that I had never heard of but have become every day staples in my projects. Coupled with their excellent and personable customer service at such a low price, it's a complete no-brainer.
Sam Howes - Head of Music Department at Harris Academy Bromley

I absolutely LOVE Track Spark. You guys are doing such a HUGE service for us producers and I personally cannot thank you enough!
John Montoya - Remixer/Audio Engineer/Assistant Producer at Materia Collective

Really like the idea of a monthly goody bag for music producers! So happy to be a part of this. The loops, plugins, samples, instruments and tutorials are marvelous! The only thing I can imagine adding would be MIDI files, maybe arpeggios or drum grooves in MIDI format that can be loaded into samplers and sequencers. I'm really at a loss to imagine what you guys are doing to improve the service, yet at the same time I know it will. I've let some friends know about it and I personally am beyond excited for the possibilities of this! Proud supporter!
Dan Blake Production

Hi guys, just wanted to say the up-coming Goody Bag you've put together is a real winner..and if this is any indication of what's to come, then it's also unbeatable value for the low monthly fee you're charging. Personally, I already own the Angelicals sound bank by Applied Acoustics and can attest to how good it is..which means anyone who doesn't already own it will be getting far more in return than their subscription fee could ever buy! But you know this already..obviously. All I can say is roll on January and more plugins, samples & loops! Thanks for everything.
Dan Corkery

Track Spark offers UNBEATABLE value. We're not talking about a monthly collection of some clunky freeware programs that you could have found on your own, but quality commercial programs. Even setting aside the loops and tutorials you get each month, just ONE of the items in the given software each month more than justifies your sub fee. There is also a range of what is offered. It's not just synth plugins, but various effect plugins as well. If you are into composing your own tracks, mixing the tracks of others, or just like playing around with sound, you owe it to yourself to get a subscription. It's dirt cheap and far less than the price of a Happy Meal (and arguably better for you). The value here is absolutely incredible - so much so that if you have a friend who dabbles in audio production and you didn't tell him or her about Track Spark, one has to wonder if you really like that person.
Rob Stangle - The Rob Stangle Show

I joined this fantastic community a couple of months ago and I'm so happy. I only regret not knowing about you before because I realize I've missed some great plugins, music loops and samples.
Amando Gottardi

I've been using Track Spark's subscription service for around six months now. The plugins are amazing and range from VST synths to effects which more than pay for the subscription. You also get loops and midi files which in my case help with creativity as I mainly just jam over a drum track until I get a nice riff going. That saves me time messing around with drum patterns when the creative juices are flowing. They always have a handy PDF file to explain how to install and use the VST's etc. and respond quickly and professionally if you are having any issues.
Track Spark is definitely one of the best subscription services I am subscribed to.
Paul Lane - Honkfro Recordings

Track Spark is a good resource for a reasonable amount of money. It opens your eyes to products you might not have discovered or tried. TS has obviously negotiated a few deals with the developers, so the discounts easily offset the monthly subscription if you find the odd thing to try/buy. The loops and samples are useful, particularly things like acoustic guitars. A few more chord variations would be even better, like song constructions kits with acoustic instruments. Good for getting instant basic song structures together. That'd get you 5 stars! The tutorials are not bad too. Would recommend!
Neil Murray

To my new found Engineering Assistant Tim, I thank you for your diligence in seeing to it that I reap every benefit from my outrageously low price membership. As I master my bid for a Grammy, I reassured Tim that I'll mention TRACK SPARK in my acceptance speech. TRACK SPARK helps me do it with a low budget.
Edward Tett

Hard To Beat The Value. While once in a while there is a plugin I cannot use, but I never feel like I haven't got my money's worth. Great samples, loops (though I usually make my own), quality plugins and a tutorial video all for under $5 CAD! Plus, I learn about other sites with more plugins and samples to purchase, and some of them are really great.
Andrew MacDonald

This is a great service for composers, sound designers and audio engineers.
Scott Haskin